Charm O'Ryan

Charm O'Ryan has written five sensual romance novels (three paranormals and two contemporaries). 

Charm They are:

With My Last Breath   (P)
The Resurrection of Lord Drayton's Heart   (P)
The Author and The Cover Model   (C)
Lillian of the Valley   (C)
The Table   (P)

Born and raised in the beautiful conservative state of Idaho, Charm lives in Idaho Falls with her husband of thirty-eight years. They have four grown children, four gorgeous granddaughters: a handsome grandson here on earth and another safe and happy in heaven.

Living on two and one half wooded acres, she enjoys her "little slice of paradise" immensely. Summertime is her favorite season! On the domesticated side, with the help of her grandchildren and friends, she tends a koi and goldfish pond, chickens, numerous outdoor flowers, and a 400-square-foot vegetable garden. Nature provides the rest of her fun with owls, sparrow hawks, turtle doves, robins, magpies, hummingbirds, dwarf cottontail bunnies, squirrels, skunks, fox, raccoons, and an occasional deer. No one need ask where she gets her inspiration. She also loves dogs and has had at least one loyal canine companion by her side her entire life.

In 2004, she self-published her third novel, a Long Contemporary Romance Parody titled, The Author and The Cover Model. It is a POD (print on demand) novel available through Amazon, authorHOUSE, and can be ordered through local bookstores.

The Table, Charm's fifth completed work, was released in June 2014! It's available through Amazon. Also available in Kindle Edition.

Charm is a true romantic at heart. She loves to entertain readers by creating imperfect characters and placing them in an imperfect world to see how much trouble they can get themselves into.  She also tries extremely hard to avoid writing the 'politically correct' story, believing that to do so stifles an author's creativity.

An active member of The Blue Sage Writers of Idaho, she is contantly surrounded by comrades in pen. She believes a strong plot is critical to romance writing: there has to be more than just love and sex, more love and more sex. She writes historical and contemporary novels, the majority having paranormal elements. She loves to laugh and cry, and feels it is her job as a writer to take her readers on an emotional rollercoaster they'll not soon forget.

But never fear ... the beauty of writing romance?

They ALWAYS end "Happily Ever After".

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