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The TableThe Table (Available Now): A fact-based work of paranormal fiction based on the author's family. The story retells the crime committed against the author's great-aunt, which resulted in her relative's untimely death.

Shania Silva's only child is dead. Her husband blames her for the tragedy and wants a divorce. Devastated by her losses, she doesn't want to live. She sits at a family heirloom, a century-old table made by her great great grandfather, and is transported back to her famiy in the year 1939. Abe Alcott, an antique dealer, can't shake the partial dark confession that had escaped his grandfather's dying lips. Troubled, he sits in his favorite century-old chair and falls asleep. When he wakes, he, too, finds himself a prisoner of 1939. Together, Shania and Abe find love in a time where they don't belong. However, the fragile thread binding their hearts together stands threatened when the couple discovers the earth shattering reason they were both taken back in time --- to discover the hideous tie that binds their families of old together. A story of hope, forgiveness, and the true meaning of 'unconditional' love.

Available at: Amazon. Also available in Kindle Edition.
The Author and The Cover ModelThe Author and The Cover Model (Available Now): A contemporary parody of the romance genre that focuses on historical romance author, KaLoni Kalamaiia, and her quest to discover a love that parallels with the fantasy she creates. Her romp begins when Rosewood Publishing accepts her novel, Touch Me, and she leaves her cherished ghost town, Virginia City, Montana to participate in an unprecedented multi-state tour.

Thrust together with veteran cover model, Zach Maronaro, who's contracted to do the cover and help promote the novel, KaLoni gets a taste of true conflict. Not only must she put up with the conceited playboy and his wayward manners, she must endure the catty barbs sent barreling her way from Zach's ex publicist/lover, Mindy Carlisle. KaLoni keeps a professional level head until she realizes the impossible man--Zach--has stolen her heart. Though he returns her affection, 'happily-ever-after' is not around the corner. Mindy's insane jealousy weaves a quirky murderous thread.

Available at: Amazon and/or authorHOUSE.
Lillian of The Valley (Release date to be determined): A contemporary novel involving a preacher's daughter, Lillian Hunter, and the new owner, Jayden Grant, of a legal house of ill-repute located in Clandestine, Nevada.

Her best friend murdered inside Shady Sadie's, prompting the unfair lie she was a whore, Lillian is determined to prove her friend's innocence, close down the sultry place, and send Jayden and his "ladies" packing. Sparks fly when she protests everything he says and does to accomplish the monumental task. All Jayden wants to do is find his mother's murderer. He only came to Clandestine to accept his role as the heir of her business for that reason, and Lillian complicates his purpose. A oneupping, rule-less game ensues between the unlikely pair.
The Resurrection of Lord Drayton's Heart (Release date to be determined): In 1479 England, Lord Drayton Lavenscord's wife and unborn child are murdered before his eyes. For years he searches for their murderer, forsaking his lands and responsibilites. It is only when his wife's young cousin, Isabell, needs his help that he returns home. Isabell takes her Persian cat, Edward, (whose nine lives are witnessed throughout the story) and runs away from the hideous match her brother has arranged for her. She goes to her childhood hero, Drayton. She soon finds herself falling in love with the handsome Lord. But Drayton does not--cannot--return her affections. He promised his dying wife he'd never love again, and he is a man of honor. His deceased wife returns from the grave to help her stubborn husband find love again. And she wants the cousin she loves like a sister, Isabell, to be the woman who captures his heart.
With My Last Breath (Release date to be determined): 1693 Salem Massachusetts. An eccentric preacher arrives in Salem. After a string of bad luck assails the community, the preacher convinces the townsfolk witchcraft is the reason for their calamities. Alexandria Jefferies rejects the witchcraft theory, knowing some of the people who stand accused are good and decent human beings. When one of her father's young friends, Timothy Simon, is charged with being a wizard, 'Lexie' cannot sit by and watch the man she loves swing from the hangman's noose. With the help of Timothy's dead sister, who promised her brother with her last breath she'd never leave him, Lexie breaks Timothy out of jail.

Together, they flee Salem and an adventure story ensues. The preacher is hot on their heels and won't give up until he sees them all swing from the gallows.

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